“Marriage saved me from wasting my life”- Mrs. Beverley Afaglo

Mrs. Beverley Afaglo Baah, the wife of ‘Praye Honeho’, has opened up about how getting married to her husband saved her from a life of recklessness. In an interview on Kingdom FM, the renowned actress revealed that before tying the knot, she was wild and filled with youthful exuberance. However, she made the conscious decision to leave her wild ways behind and focus on building a better home with her husband.

While Mrs. Baah acknowledged that marriage has had its benefits, she also admitted that it has affected her acting career. Unlike her unmarried colleagues who are able to fully pursue their acting dreams, she has had to slow down and prioritize her marital responsibilities.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Baah remains grateful for the stability and grounding that marriage has brought to her life. She believes that without her husband, she would have engaged in many regrettable actions and wasted her life. Despite the sacrifices she has made for her marriage, Mrs. Baah is content with the choices she has made and appreciates the opportunities she still has as a Ghanaian actress.

In a neutral and descriptive tone, Mrs. Beverley Afaglo Baah shared how her decision to get married has impacted her life, both positively and negatively. She highlighted the personal growth and maturity she has gained through marriage, while also acknowledging the limitations it has placed on her acting career.


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