“Many girls are single because they’re are looking for fraud boys with a good hearts” – Rico Swavey reveals.

Rico Swavey, a popular reality personality, has revealed why many people are single because everyone is hunting for the right individual.

The former BBNaija housemate stated that today’s girls are searching for guys who are involved in fraudulent activities locally known as Yahoo for money and also want the individual to have a nice heart.

He did, however, hint at the side of men, claiming that they are all about getting a woman with a huge backside and a pretty face.

According to his opinion, people are seeking the perfect human, but in reality, no one is flawless.

In this day and age, ladies only want men who are financially secure and capable of taking care of them, while men are looking for women with large backsides.

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In his own words,

“Many people are still single cos ladies are looking for a yahoo boy with good heart. Men are looking for a decent girl with big yansh and front. No one is perfect”