Man Uses his Susu Money to clean the dirties Gutter in Tema (photos)

Nana Tea, a well-known Facebook philanthropist, has eventually evolved into one of Ghana’s most patriotic people. He is one of the people that notices a problem and attempts to solve it.
Nana Tea recently shared a photo of the Tema Station gutter, which has been in a terrible state for quite some time. Because of the unbearable stench emanating from the gutters, pedestrians plowing that road, which is ironically in front of the Ghana Health Service Office, are forced to hold their noses.

Well, a fast-growing NGO named KOFIGOAL6 teamed up with NANA TEA to clean the Tema Station’s dirtiest spot. KOFIGOAL6 is a non-governmental organization made up of young men and women who are dedicated to keeping Ghana clean. They have cleaned Madina, Okponglo, and the beaches, among other locations. Micheal Owusu, the leader of the NGO, expressed his desire to keep the country clean using their own resources in an  interview we monitored.

After hours of cleaning, KOFIGOAL6 was able to keep the gutter very clean with the aid of Nana Tea.

Taking to his Facebook page, Nana Tea wrote;
Ghana 🇬🇭 month😍❤️
This is how we are celebrating it.
So I broke my Susu box as promised ( in order to clean the gutter) n together with my facebook friends, Kofi Goal n his team..this is how far we cleaned the gutters around Tema station near the Ghana health service.

It’s Ghana month so me then my guys we do wanna own so u too go do ur own in ur one corner n let’s build a better Ghana. Together we can🙏
Thanks to all who supported.

My guys and I are late for the #vawulence wedding due to d clean up exercise, so we are moving straight to Obuasi for the after party or thanks giving tomorrow,me diee ago even join them saf for the honeymoon 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Those there, kindly leave us some jollof rice wai..

see photos below.

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