Man uploads his wife’s nak3dness on p()rnhub, before burning her to ashes (See why)

Husband posts wife's pictures on Pornhub before burning her to death

On April 16, 2020, in Brent, northwest London, a domineering husband, Damion Simmons, 45, poured liters of petrol over his wife before setting her ablaze. Denise Keane-Simmons, 36, was found dead on her bedroom floor on Alric Avenue with significant burns and smoke inhalation.

The victim had claimed threatening messages from her estranged husband that he had uploaded images of her on PornHub.

She also found a camera in a lightbulb in her room.

‘I feel anxious about leaving my house because his behavior is so unpredictable and I simply want to live my life without the worry of Damion,’ Mrs. Keane-Simmons stated in a statement to police on the night of her death.

After the cops left, Simmons set fire to the house.

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They met in Trinidad, got married in February 2019 and Simmons moved to the UK to be with his wife.

But he wanted Mrs. Keane-Simmons to modify her ways and cease visiting friends.

Before the murder, he uploaded an intimate photo of her on Instagram with her maiden name, employment, and school.

‘I wish you would suffer and die,’ he told his ex-wife through WhatsApp. I wish you pain and death. ‘

Simmons was seen buying 5.5 liters of fuel from a neighboring petrol station on the night she died.

Further CCTV footage showed him pouring petrol through the victim’s letterbox and smashing a window to get inside. 30 seconds later, the fire erupted.

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Simmons was found guilty of murder with intent to endanger life on September 1.

The defendant denied murder, stating Mrs. Keane-Simmons died accidentally when she tried to kill himself in front of him.

He then acknowledged searching the internet for the ‘best technique for wielding a knife and killing someone but stated he had no intention of doing so.

Despite having confessed to manslaughter at the start of the trial, he said all of this.

He previously pled guilty to intentionally revealing private and explicit pictures.

After the verdict, DCI Neil John said the defendant’s actions ‘epitomize serious domestic abuse’.

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