Man reveals how he has managed to survive for 20 years without drinking water (video)

It’s unlikely that anyone could go a month or two without drinking. However, one individual in our study stated that he had not consumed water for the past 20 years and related the events that caused him to make the life-altering decision.

He described how he was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and how he decided to join the “rastafari” religion and quit drinking water in an interview shared by Afrimax.

“I have gone 20 years without drinking a drop of water, and I am willing to go longer,” he says. I haven’t had a drink of water in 20 years. I will explain why. I’m the father of four kids.

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I was a wonderful man with a lot of love to give. But it all began many years ago, when I was a wealthy member of society.

Everyone adored me, and I haven’t yet evolved into a “rastafari.” I used to drink water like everyone else back then. But one day, I had visitors that absolutely wrecked my life. They are the reason I am the way I am right now. They came to see me first thing in the morning, and we spoke and joked like everyone else.

One of the men had an envelope with documents inside that he had left at home…… He went on to say that once police invaded his house, they discovered the envelope and arrested him.

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It was discovered that the mail included documentation from a stolen automobile. He spent years in prison, and during that time, he discovered how nasty and wicked humans had become. He chose to become a rastafari and cease drinking water. “

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