Man receives the shock of his life after he wanted to sacrifice his prayerful mother to the devil

Henry was 15 when his life changed forever. A simple sleepover at his uncle’s house transformed his life, forcing him to start anew.

Henry was in second grade when his parents had a family reunion. His father’s cousin promised to accompany him to Nairobi before the schools resumed.

Upon arrival in Nairobi, the uncle undressed in front of him and went to bed. Henry was astonished since he didn’t understand why his uncle would do such a thing.

Late that night, about 3 a.m., his uncle abused him from behind. The anguish was excruciating, yet he claimed he couldn’t ask for help.

The next day, the uncle left and went to work. He left him breakfast and told him a friend would bring him up. Henry threatened his uncle’s acquaintance with a knife. They travelled to Muranga and returned late at night. That night Henry told his uncle he wanted to go home. Afraid of his uncle, he slept on the couch.

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He got bus fare the next day and headed home. When his mother asked what was wrong, Henry couldn’t bring himself to admit it. Afraid others wouldn’t get it, he He ran away from home and met a man in Nairobi with whom he began living. He then moved to Zanzibar to be with another man.

This man in Zanzibar secretly introduced him to a cult. His mother prayed for him daily till he was rejected by all same gender loving communities.

Rejection cost him money, and being broke prompted him to form his own religion. The registration price was 666, but just before he sent the money, his mother called and ordered him to stop. Not only was he escorted to the cult temple,

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He got there and was told to sacrifice the only person between him and the cult, his mother, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t abandon his mother like that. And now he runs an organization aiming to save many young guys trapped in between.

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