Man Cries Out As DNA Result Shows He Isn’t The Father Of Their Child As He Describes His Wife As A Cheater (Video)

A Zimbabwean man has come out to confirm his long-held suspicions about his wife’s infidelity, in a bombshell disclosure that has sent waves through social media.

The nameless man had questions about his wife’s loyalty, and despite catching her many times, his assertions were constantly ignored by her.

The Global DNA Closure Show account, @madzongo22, posted the shocking revelation in a TikTok video.

The man’s suspicions were confirmed after he had a DNA test for himself and their two children, and the film captures the culmination of this emotional rollercoaster. The man and his wife were seen sitting in the presence of the show’s host, nervously awaiting the results of their two children’s DNA testing. The mood becomes increasingly strained as the host begins to reveal the findings.

“The alleged father is not ruled out as the child’s biological father.” “The probability of paternity is 99.9%,” the show’s host read the pair the first report. The child in question is their firstborn, according to the couple. The plot, however, takes a devastating turn when the second report is read aloud.

“The alleged father is not the biological father of the child under investigation.” “The probability of paternity is 0%,” the host of the show read from the second report.

As he absorbs the horrific information, the man’s face contorts with misery. In an emotional outpouring, the bereaved father describes how he had always been positive that his children resembled one another, which had originally brought reassurance.

Nonetheless, he was aware of his wife’s adultery, having caught her cheating on three occasions. “I knew they kept their affair going. I managed to catch her three times. I chastised her for doing so, but she is a thick-headed person. The man’s grief was obvious as he said, “Then I remain silent.”

“I have every message. “All of the evidence is available,” he bemoaned, fighting to keep his emotions in check.

The spotlight switches to the woman during a sad stillness. When pressed for her reaction to these revelations, she remains tight-lipped and declines to speak.

Watch the video below;

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