Man cries as he been sacked from his own house after his wife secretly filed for divorce – Video

In a recent TikTok video, a man known as @ubslaughter has made shocking accusations against his wife, alleging that she filed a false abuse claim against him to expedite a divorce and gain an advantage over their property.

The emotional clip, which has generated a significant online response, highlights the man’s belief that women who make such false claims are both criminals and dangerous individuals.

Additionally, he claims that many women employ this strategy in court to exploit their husbands’ financial resources and property.

While this video has sparked widespread debate, it is essential to approach the topic with a neutral perspective, considering all parties involved.

The man reaveled;

“My wife filed a false abuse claim against me to initiate a divorce, in order to get advantage over the property that we have.

She just filed a false abuse claim against me and had me evicted from the house. Women in particular who do this to men are criminals, they are dangerous.
My understanding now is that this is a strategy that many women will employ in court in order to take advantage of their husband in their finances and their property.

“I could have seen this coming, she did everything she could to keep me from seeing what she was doing. For the men who have to go through this, the children who have to go through this, I feel sorry for you.

“This is painful but the only thing that is going to heal this is justice. If you know someone or if you are someone and this has happened to you, I’d love to hear from you.
“There need to be a movement to stop this, there need to be a movement so some strong legislation can be put in place to stop this. It’s criminal

Watch the video below;

@ubslaughter After secretly filing for divorce, my wife filed a false abuse claim to have me evicted and give her possession of our property. There are more details of course. But a false accusation is criminal. Period. #falseaccusations #tiktokviral #falseaccusationshurtrealvictims #change #falseaccusationsmuststop #femalenarcissist ♬ original sound – Ulysses Butch Slaughter


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