Man cries and begs to be returned to his village after buying fried fish for Ghc 10 in Accra

Randi Kwasi, a young man, lamented after buying a sliced fish for 10 cedis on a stretch of the Legon road.

The researcher posted the photo of the sliced fish and said that it was sold to him for 10 cedis, illustrating the exorbitant expense of living in the nation’s capital.

The cost of living in Ghana is higher than many newcomers anticipate. Accra, Ghana’s capital city, was listed as the 87th most expensive ex-pat destination among the 209 cities examined in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey for 2021.

Accommodation in Ghana is especially expensive and will consume the majority of an expat’s budget. Household utilities and communication technology are also expensive, raising the expense of living in the capital city to exorbitant levels.

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Unsatisfied with the exorbitant cost of the fish slice, he requested if he could rent a place in a village where he could do this type of thing for a reasonable cost.

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