man contacts Ghana Police Service to request that an officer buy him Waakye due to the severe rains that trapped him indoors

Accra, Ghana’s capital, has been battered by severe rains this morning, forcing many people to stay indoors.

As a result, the Ghana Police Service issued a statement on their Facebook page, advising parents not to let their children out until the situation improves.

The agency also provided phone numbers to call if anyone needed assistance as a result of the floods.

A Ghanaian Facebook user became enraged when he realized he might be missing out on his favorite morning Wakye as a result of this dilemma.

In a desperate attempt to obtain his favorite morning meal, the Facebook user asked the Ghana Police Service if they could assign one officer to get him Wakye because the rain is preventing him from going outside.

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“I can’t go buy Wakye because of the rain.” He commented in the comments section, “Can l please contact any of the numbers mentioned so an officer will buy the Wakye for me.”

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