Man captured on camera smok!ng shisha using the ‘Vjay’ of his girlfriend (video)

You think you’ve seen everything until you watch this video of a guy inhaling shisha smoke in his girlfriend’s private jar.

The extent to which some people will go in the name of having a good time is incredible, and the fact that he was applauded only adds to the absurdity!

A viral video shows a young man smoking and then opening the legs of his woman and pouring the residue inside.

The duo can be seen in the video enjoying a nice time with one another at a pub.

The man suddenly took a long shot of the shisha he was smoking, then opened the lady’s legs and drooled the contents from his mouth to the side of his dress.

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The lady, on the other hand, appeared calm and relaxed, as if she was enjoying herself.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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