“Wḕḕd SmỖking Makes Me Write Good Music “- Darkovibes

Darkovibes, a Ghanaian musician, revealed that he is a chain smoker during an interview.

He, according to him, is someone who uses his brain a lot, so he needs something to help boost him so he can be creative.

He also revealed that he smokes before writing or recording a song, and that when he is finished, he feels very good and then produces hit songs for Ghanaians.

When asked if he smokes by a pundit on Day Break, Hitz said YES.

Even though Darkovibes admitted to smoking, he did not specify the type of drug he uses.

“yes I smoke because I’m a creative person and my head Is what I use to write my songs so I smoke so that I can get in the mood to do my work.”

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