m0rtuary man reveals somethings big men in Ghana, some pastors and food vendors contact them for

Food vendors, occult groups, and some preachers have come to the mortuary to use the water from dead bodies for their purposes, according to Kwabena Osafo, a very compassionate mortician at one of Ghana’s hospitals.

Because of this, the water collected after bathing dead bodies is today in high demand on the market and is frequently sold to shepherds, cults, and food vendors for thousands of Ghana cedis, for reasons that are not fully understood.

According to the man, many of these food merchants, as well as certain preachers who come to the water morgue from the dead, are desperate for the help of their clients to survive. They require additional funds in order to expand your offerings and social image.

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During the interview, the man also disclosed that certain commercial sex workers also utilize their services in order to gain more consumers and money for their businesses.

As a mortician, the man understands that money can be found almost anywhere and that the waters of the dead are currently a profitable business.

He went on to say that one must be spiritually prepared if they do not want to be haunted by the dead. People instill spiritual power in themselves by consuming the hair and water from deceased bodies, “he emphasized. “He emphasized that.

According to the man, a buddy of his introduced him to the field of mortuary science, and he has been working in it for many years since then

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