Poor Mеat Sеllеr shocks social media after he was spotted using iPhonе 15 Pro Max.

A teenage meat seller has sparked controversy on social media after revealing that his sales are suffering due to his use of an iPhone 15 Pro Max. A video of the young businessman, perched on his motorcycle with meat displayed in front of him, went viral after it was shared online.

In the footage, the teenager is seen showcasing an opulent mobile phone, later identified as an iPhone 15 Pro Max. The release of the video, accompanied by a caption suggesting people are reluctant to buy from him due to his phone, ignited a wave of debate on social media platforms.

Various users chimed in on the debate, each revealing their thoughts and concerns. One user, AyomidePaul, sought to dispel any notions of foul play by commenting, “I no be ritualist abeg.” Another user, Bro Think He Carti, questioned the type of meat the seller was offering, while Big Uptii expressed a fear of potentially consuming human meat.

Further comments from users such as Confidence innocent and Dè Êmpêrõr reflected similar sentiments of wariness and confusion over the meat seller’s situation. David hadi Baiye, officialmro, and opetoba996 also chimed in, expressing their discomfort and suspicion over the meat displayed.

The video and subsequent debate highlight the impact of perceived wealth on consumer trust, particularly in informal markets. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether the young seller’s sales will be affected in the long term.

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