Lydia Forson tells how Old and Broke actors can be saved from the constant subject of debates

Lydia Forson, a Ghanaian actress, spoke on how aged or ailing performers might be protected from the constant debate.

We’ve heard of entertainers pleading for help when sick. When it happens, some people think they didn’t invest during their reign.

Others claim they are underpaid. So, Lydia Forson wrote on how these entertainers might avoid such debates.

Detailed post below.

“How to aid entertainers so they aren’t continuously debated when they get old or sick PAID Description:


To comprehend investing and the entertainment business.

Yes, we are sometimes to blame.

You should do your share as we discuss and seek better solutions to keep the sector viable and profitable for its players.

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You want to watch movies for free on YouTube when there are paid platforms, but you don’t think we’re worthy.

You desire free content from filmmakers.

Television stations want to display your movies for free or for a pittance.

Brands want to exploit our popularity for free.

Then you want us to market your services and make you money at our expense; as if we don’t pay for clothes, make-up, etc.

You want entertainers to live up to a standard you set, but be the first to write “who wore it best.”

Others may be pleased with your fame and validation, but I will PAY rough.

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Don’t call me if you don’t appreciate and treat me like a brand.

Arrogance to discuss this when you’re part of the problem.

Only last week, a worldwide corporation expected me to dress up, attend their event, and share their brand for free.

When my agent asked about payment, they hadn’t figured it in, like how??


Meanwhile, I’ll be considered impolite for wanting professionalism, remuneration, and doing what’s right!!

And let’s not forget politicians who enjoy a nice charity case but won’t invest in or structure the business.

It’s called SHOW- BIZ!

What is the BIZ for?”

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