Lucky Man Managed to escape Death After his Phone Blocked bullet shot at him -Photos

A man from Brazil is considered to be one of the luckiest persons alive after his phone case protected him from a gunshot that was fired at him by a group of armed robbers in his neighborhood.

The young man who had a hulk case on his phone was alleged to have had the case prevent the bullet that was shot at him from killing him from being prevented by the case.

According to reports, on October 7, a robbery was taking place in a rural area of the municipality of Petrolina in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, where the young man happened to be at the time before the gun was fired at him, but he was able to avoid being shot because he had his phone in his side pocket.

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People who were present at the scene of the incident alerted the police and paramedics to the area, but the thieves managed to flee before they could arrive.

It was initially believed that the man had been killed by the bullet, but it was later discovered that his case had worked its magic on him.

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