Looking AT All The Profits I Am Making After Doing My Nyᾶsh, I Need To Apologize For Criticizing Moesha Boduong – Kisa Gbekle

– Moesha Boduong receives an apology from actress Kisa Gbekle for previous comments on her body augmentation surgery
– Gbekle extends an apology to all women who have had operations to improve their bodies
– Gbekle acknowledges that enhancing the appearance is a personal choice and should not be judged
– Gbekle advises women who feel their bodies have changed after childbirth to consider tummy tuck surgery
– Both Moesha and Gbekle have faced criticism for their decisions to enhance their bodies

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Moesha Boduong Receives Apology for Body Augmentation Surgery

Actress Moesha Boduong has received an unequivocal apology from her fellow actress Kisa Gbekle for the previous comments made about her decision to undergo body augmentation surgery. In a recent interview, Gbekle expressed her remorse and extended her apology not only to Moesha but also to all women who have chosen to improve their bodies through surgical procedures.

Gbekle acknowledged that the purpose of their surgeries was simply to enhance their appearances and feel more beautiful. She emphasized that the decision to undergo such procedures should not be met with criticism or judgment, especially considering the financial constraints that many women face. Gbekle admitted that she had previously labeled Moesha’s decision as wrong but now regrets her words.

Furthermore, Gbekle offered advice to women who have given birth and feel that their bodies are no longer as desirable as before. She suggested considering a tummy tuck surgery, which can help restore confidence and a sense of attractiveness. Gbekle’s words aimed to empower women and remind them that they have the right to make choices that make them feel good about themselves.

Both Moesha and Gbekle have faced significant backlash for their decisions to undergo body enhancement surgeries. Moesha, in particular, received criticism after it was revealed that she had visited Obengfo, a renowned surgeon, to enhance her hips and buttocks in order to attract more potential customers. Gbekle, on the other hand, recently traveled to Greece to undergo body enhancement surgery, which came at a cost of over GHC60K.

In conclusion, the apology extended by Kisa Gbekle to Moesha Boduong serves as a recognition of the personal choices individuals make regarding their own bodies. Gbekle’s remorse and understanding of the financial limitations many women face in pursuing these procedures highlight the need for empathy and support rather than judgment. It is essential to remember that each person has the right to decide how they want to look and feel, and it is not for others to impose their opinions on those choices.


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