"Lil win's Greed is the reason why Kumawood collapsed"- Ras Kuuku

“Lil win’s Greed is the reason why Kumawood collapsed”- Ras Kuuku

It has been suggested that the actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win is responsible for the downfall and destruction of the Kumawood film industry.

He has been criticized for his monopolistic tendencies and his excessive greed, both of which have had negative effects on the local film industry.

Ras Kuuku, a reggae-dancehall performer, shared this information with the audience. He referred to Lil Win as a young child who needs to learn humility and grow musically.

Ras Kuuku also cautioned Lil Win not to bring his negative energy and harm the music industry by entering the sector. According to him, Lil Win enjoys wreaking havoc and as a result, his antics should not be permitted in any capacity.

Ras Kuuku did not express his purported disdain for Lil Win in a contentious post on Facebook; rather, he cautioned Lil Win to stay in his area and do what he does best.

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Kwadwo Nkansah is the main reason why the Ghana movie industry collapsed, Humble Yourself me nua . You see how you’ve collapsed KumaWood.”

“Shame on you. We got no space for concert party people like you in the Music Industry. Go and fix your failed and collapsed KumaWood. S3 ‘me ladder’ Aaah, foolish song like that.”

A number of producers, filmmakers, and performers have leveled claims against Lil Win, claiming that they believe he has taken over the Kumawood sector. These allegations have been found in pockets.

The fact that Lil Win has become the lead actor for all roles, which in turn deprives other actors of opportunities, has caused senior performers to cry, according to certain reports.

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Is it possible that Lil Win is to blame for the failure of Kumawood? Ras Kuuku is of the opinion that this is the case and has requested that he refrain from entering the music industry.