“Lil win was dating Sandra ababio but she cheated on him”- Ogyam

Ogyam, a Kumawood actor, has said that his colleague Kwadwo Nkansah, also known as Lil Win, is not lucky in love despite his wealth.

According to Ogyam, despite Lil Win’s success and the fact that he has a lot of girls surrounding him, they all end up cheating on him.

He went on to explain that the actor has had three women in his life, all of whom have cheated on him, including Sandra Ababio.

Lil Win is my friend and I respect him so much, but he should listen to advise because so far as he is popular doesn’t mean he is above advice. All 3 ladies Lil Win dated cheated on him, and I’m surprised he has failed to learn something from how to love and help ladies he goes out with,” Ogyam said.

They warned Lil Win when he started hitting on Sandra that it would end in tears, but he was too stubborn and hopelessly in love to listen, according to Ogyam Berma, who is notorious for making controversial claims.

 He said: “We advised Lil Win against the lady and he fought anyone who talked about Sandra Ababio but now he is searching for us to give us our stone. Lil Win should sit down and advise himself because he needs to be more matured else, he will regret it.”

He went on to say that he saw a video of Lil Win crying like a baby when Sandra Ababio denied dating Lil Win although the two actually dated.

“I saw a video where my brother Lil Win was crying like a baby because of his girlfriend Sandra Ababio’s statement about him. Though I was sad when I saw the video, I don’t pity him because he deserves that treatment from Sandra Ababio,” he concluded.

Sandra Ababio was recently observed in town when several admirers inquired about Lil Win’s whereabouts, but her reaction surprised them.

She asserted categorically in a later interview that she had no dealings with the comedy actor and that he had never seen her pant before.

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