Lets take it easy with up coming artists, they deserve the chance – Sarkodie

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has urged his fans and industry players to show patience towards up-and-coming artists in the music scene.

In a recent tweet, the renowned musician highlighted the importance of time and experience in honing one’s craft.

Sarkodie mentioned that during his own early days in the industry, he and other artists had the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them without the constant scrutiny of social media.

He emphasized that the current generation of artists does not have the luxury of working on their skills behind the scenes, as they are thrust into the limelight.

Sarkodie called on fans to be understanding and supportive, recognizing the immense pressure these young artists face.

He tweeted;

“My era coming up , we had time to make our mistakes behind cameras and at least work on our approach to this business (how to speak during interviews, stage craft , how to deal with this industry in general) still learning but comparing to These young kings coming up, they literally starting right in front of our eyes ( social x traditional media ) they have to learn to correct mistakes at their peak …it’s a lot of pressure and sometimes affect their decisions. It’s not easy at all for them . I would urge we take it easy on them and give them a chance”

Check out below;


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