Let’s stay focused no matter what the devil does: Moesha’s pastor speaks again in new video

Gabby Ibe, the Lead Pastor of The Revelation Church International, has requested “global prayers” for Moesha Boduong.

Gabby Ibe has been suspected of being involved in Moesha’s recent abrupt change of behavior. He is also accused of persuading the socialite to sell her possessions to the church after she repented.

He has already denied the claims, but he has released a new video in which he asks people from all around the world to unite and pray for Moesha Boduong.

“Beloved, I woke up this morning with a body in my spirit for us to raise an altar of worship,” he said in the video post on his official Instagram page.

“Wherever you are in the nation, it doesn’t matter where you live so long as you live in the four corners of the world. I want you to rise up if you are a believer or a saint. It is time for us to arise and begin to worship the name of the Lord concerning his finished work in the life of our sister, Maurecia Boduong.”

“No matter what the devil does, we should concentrate and stay focused on the finished work of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that the ‘rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous. Let the righteous put forth their hand into iniquities.’”

He urged his fans to make a one-minute video thanking God and tag Moesha in it.

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“We are standing on the word of God today. In the book of John 8:36, the Bible says ‘the Son of man shall set you free.’ You are free indeed. There’s no going back. It is time for us to begin to let God sing over His daughter — not just her but there are generations of young ladies and men that God is about to save. We are not going to keep silent. The Bible says ‘those that are in Zion, do not keep quiet.’ It is time to rise up and begin to worship God.”

“Wherever you are, begin to gather and let’s begin to worship the Lord. Just record a one-minute video to praise God and tag her name,” he added.

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below is the video;

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