“Lesbianism is normal but Gays should be arrested because it is dangerous”- Obibini

Obibini, a musician, has contributed his voice to the discourse in Ghana about the lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) culture.

Obibini claims that lesbians should be embraced, but gays should be prosecuted because their conduct is dangerous. As a consequence, unlike gayism, lesbianism, to his understanding, is not dangerous.

“Lesbianism is harmless; they should arrest the rest,” he told Selorm, explaining, “These are two females who just rub things against each other. I don’t see anything harmful. The male one is very harmful. You will attest to that. It’s crazy.”

He said that homosexuality was a thing at his high school, Adisadel College.

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“Back in Adisco, we boned that thing lot. Nothing dread. Adisco was divided between the Bobos and the Batis, so you are either here or there. And it’s funny enough the school used to protect those kinds of boys. They were there.”

“I didn’t believe it was real until I got to high school. It was crazy and nasty. Nobody [gays] approached me but we heard a lot about others engaged in it,” he added.


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