“Leaving My Beautiful Wife Every Morning For Work Is My Greatest Challenge”-Captain Smart

The former employee of the Multimedia group, Godsbrain Smart popularly Known as Captain Smart, has opened up on his greatest challenge he is facing in his working career.

according to Captain Smart, his greatest challenge as a married man since he started working is to leave his beautiful wife in the house every morning for work.

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Captain Smart

Speaking with his former colleague Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, Captain smart clarified that he is not an emotional type of husband but to leave a beautiful wife every morning and come back late evening was a challenge for him.

When asked if he regularly makes love with her wife every morning before going to work, Captain Smart said that having sex before going to work in the morning makes work easier and fun. He added that any man who makes love with the wife before going to work every morning truly loves the woman.

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“My greatest challenge is when I have to look at my beautiful wife every morning and leave her for work, that is my greatest challenge. It is an experience that is always bitter to me but people don’t know. Morning sex is very sweet and I love it. the thing is any man who makes love to his wife every morning is really in love with the wife,” he said.