Leaked chat of Reggie Zippy begging for sẽx from a lady while he is still married surfaces online

The divorce of renowned musician Reggie Zippy and his wife, Edith Ward, has sparked outrage in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

The couple’s choice to divorce has not only shattered their personal lives but has also shone a light on the delicate dynamics of their relationship, with claims of adultery and emotional turmoil to the fore.

Reggie Zippy personally announced their divorce in an emotional post in which he poured out his heart and revealed the breakdown of their union.

He described himself as a “good-for-nothing” parent and husband, revealing the sorrow and hardships that contributed to the breakdown of his marriage.

Edith Ward responded to Reggie’s revelations with a series of claims against him in a tit-for-tat exchange.

Reggie, she alleged, had been involved in a three-year romance with a white lady even while they were married.

Edith also accused him of ignoring their children’s needs, creating a picture of a secretive marriage with unfulfilled expectations.

A new dimension to the drama has emerged amid the emotional anguish, as screenshots of a WhatsApp chat have appeared online.

Reggie Zippy and his supposed “obroni” sidekick were talking on WhatsApp.

Reggie indicated his desire for sexual contact with the lady in the texts, despite the fact that he was still married to Edith.

Leaked chat of Reggie Zippy begging for sẽx from a lady while he is still married surfaces online

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