Laziness encouraged – Netizens react to Fridge that listens and walks to the owner

There is a refrigerator on the market that can hear and respond without being touched. In a recent video uploaded by Yabaleftonline, the customized fridge responds to its owner’s call by driving to him.

According to TechInsider, Panasonic’s innovation employs a technology called LIDAR and a depth sensor to create a map of its owner’s house for future mobility needs.

The self-driving fridge can also drive and avoid obstacles such as dogs and children.

Furthermore, the Ku refrigerator is voice-activated and can deliver meals to its owner.

The video sparked a lot of discussion on the internet. While some praised the innovative experiment, others criticized it, claiming that it fosters sloth.

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@MajorDollarrz wrote: “you will now be calling your fridge. Am not understanding.”

@feekaryo commented: “Laziness being encouraged.”

@chukwua64914488 remarked: ” I beg I can’t kill mysef, enjoy the life how I can.”

watch the video below;