Lady shows off her real body as she warns other ladies to stop fooling guys with edited photos in a new video

When a woman published a video displaying their true physical shape and advising women to avoid deceiving with altered pictures on social media, there were mixed comments on social media. He stated that people should not allow pictures posted by celebrities on social media to appear nasty. Let us have a look at the video and see how people responded on social media.

a woman stated: The lady stated:

“People, in my opinion, must have a normal body form; it is basic physics for a girl. This is a regular organization, and I am tired of the social media organization that makes individuals think their bodies are inadequate. My lovely sweetheart, your body is sufficient. This is a beauty standard.”

For a better idea of its true body form, look at the photos below:

Of sure, some ladies are thin, but what about the overweight women who post pictures on social media? When you browse social media, you will notice that the majority of the photos you see are updated on a daily basis.

watch her video below;

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