Lady filmed giving ‘BJ’ to a man in a plane flight

Passenger filmed ?performing sex act? on man mid-flight

Shocking footage captured the moment a plane passenger was performing a sex act on a man mid-flight.

  The video was shared on Twitter by a fellow passenger. It shows a man with a face mask around his neck relaxing against the side of a cabin while his female companion’s head bobs up and down in his crotch.

Passenger filmed ?performing sex act? on man mid-flight

The duo then begins kissing while the male fumbles with the woman’s clothing. The woman then pulls her hair back and appears to have oral sex with him once more.
In the caption, the person who submitted the photo wrote: “Ryanair deserves credit for permitting this. When I book my next flight, I’ll keep this in mind.” 

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Passenger filmed ?performing sex act? on man mid-flight

Passengers who engage in such behavior may be ejected from the plane, according to Ryanair’s onboard flight guidelines.

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