"Lack of s3x is making me sick" – Actress kisa Gbekle reveals

“Lack of s3x is making me sick” – Actress kisa Gbekle reveals

Nearly a year after having a surgical procedure to increase her hips and [email protected], Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has opened up about her health and that she is not well.

During an interview on the Uncut Show, the actress mentioned to blogger Zionfelix that she hasn’t been feeling very well for quite some time lately.

kisa Gbekle

According to her, she has been experiencing a variety of symptoms ranging from headaches and depression to rashes. She ended up going to the hospital due to the issues, just to find out that she was completely healthy.

At some point, it was revealed that she had been experiencing sex deprivation. She admitted that she had gone more than two years without having a sexual encounter.

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Kisa Gbekle, who exuded self-assurance, revealed that she wasn’t providing her body with the thrill and stimulation it required to remain in good condition.

watch the full interview below: