” l want a husband, I am desperate”- Feminist cry for love on social media

When a young woman realizes that her life is becoming increasingly miserable due to a lack of male attention, she ultimately swallows her pride and does a U-turn.

In a popular video, the lady weeps passionately about being disappointed and no longer wanting to be a feminist.

According to the lady, she has recently grown cranky and jealous of married couples.

“I’m so sad right now, I just came to a realization as this at few days has been so hard for me. you know how men say women have toxic feminism and that you will get to a certain stage and nobody will love you. I’ve gotten to that stage and I missed out on everything,” she said in part.

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She also stated that she is eager to marry any man who will propose to her.

She is ready to start a family, rich or poor, tall or small, gorgeous or ugly.

“I’m just so desperate for a husband because of the pressure around me. So if you can DM and propose I will be happy and marry you immediately. I will wash your clothes, cook for you. I will have your children and be an obedient and a submissive wife because that is what men want,” she added.

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