Kyeiwaa mourns as Miss Rebecca Sagoe, her ‘Daughter,’ Is Laid To Rest (Video)

Rose Akua Attaa Mensah, also known as Kyeiwaa, is in mourning as Miss Rebecca Sagoe, a lovely lady dear to her heart, is laid to rest.

Kyeiwaa mourns as Miss Rebecca Sagoe, her'Daughter,' Is Laid To Rest (Video)

Rebecca Sagoe, who may be called her daughter given her age, is being mourned by the veteran actress and her husband, Michael Kissi Asare.

Miss Rebecca Sagoe was a bridesmaid at Kyeiwaa’s reception, according to Kyeiwaa, as photographs of her on the dance floor were seen in videos taken at her final funeral rite.

Miss Rebecca Sagoe, according to veteran actress Kyeiwaa, was a calm lady who traveled to the United States by land, and as things began to look up for her, she died suddenly after a brief illness.

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Kyeiwaa mourns as Miss Rebecca Sagoe, her'Daughter,' Is Laid To Rest (Video)

In a video spotted by on her YouTube channel, Kyeiwaa urged everybody to follow God’s favor and begin to love one another for life is short.

Kyeiwaa could be heard sobbing in agony over the death of Miss Rebecca Sagoe as she continued to screen footage of herself dancing with her partner, Michael Kissi Asare, at her wedding.

Check out the video below:

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