Kuami Eugene speaks for the first time on stealing his bunker song from Bhadest Cona

Kuami Eugene, a self-styled Ghanaian rockstar, has finally spoken out in response to Bhadest Cona’s claims that he stole her “Bolga Girl” song after she submitted it to him for a feature.

Kuami Eugene denied ever having touch with Bhadest Cona while addressing Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra show.

The Lynx Entertainment signee, who refuted Bhadest Cona’s serious charges against him, went on to say that the female vocalist purposefully utilized his name and brand to sell her song by slandering him.

Kuami Eugene Bhadest Cona and all the other musicians who have accused him of stealing their intellectual property only want a piece of his brilliance, according to Kuami Eugene Bhadest Cona.

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He went on to say that he’s a hit-making machine and that he’ll never take another musician’s tune.

The “Angela” hitmaker went on to say that all of the artists who falsely accuse him of stealing their music are unable to suit him, proving that they are all liars.

He stated;

Have mercy on those who say I have stolen their song. Regardless I have been able to make countless hits. Normally those who complain much about me do not even have three songs like mine. At my age, I haven’t been around for a long time now but I have done a few which I thank God for it

I think people like to eat ripe fruits and people will like to associate themselves with greatness. It’s normal. Do we sometimes tell ourselves some people are digging their archives waiting to see if their songs match? Even if the song is not released, the person hurries to release for publicity

At the moment, we can’t tell who amongst the two is telling the truth but many social media users have bought Cona’s story because Kuami Eugene has been accused on many occasions of allegedly stealing songs.

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