Kuami Eugene performs on stage with his househelp, Mary (watch video)

Following his choice to invite Mary, his housekeeper, onstage during his performance at the “Take Away” party on Friday night, Kuami Eugene has garnered attention on social media.

The multi-platinum recording artist has already recounted on a number of occasions some of the pleasant times he enjoys with his housekeeper at his home studio.

Netizens have praised Kuami Eugene for treating the young woman with dignity in many of those videos.

The Lynx Entertainment star made the decision to give it a shot with an outside show after spending so much time at home.

At the Take Away party, Kuami Eugene got Mary on stage to play Lasmid’s viral song Friday Night, much to the pleasure of the audience.

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Mary, who was wearing a blue outfit, did not let Kuami Eugene down when she was given the opportunity to perform while holding a microphone.

Kuami Eugene received cheers from the partygoers assembled there, and those cheers are still being shared on social media.

Check out the comments and the video below.