“Kidi, Archipalago, Pope Skinny, Mugeez etc..”- slay queen happily list the male celebs she has slept with (video)

One Ghanaian slay queen has gone insane by spilling dirt on several Ghanaian male celebs.

Unknown slay queen has brazenly mentioned celebs who have previously slept with her.

In a viral video, the naughty girl accused Kidi, Archipalago, Pope Skinny, Mugeez, and others of having an affair with her.

According to her, these men have supposedly slept with her several times despite the fact that she did not solicit their attention.

She boasted that, unlike some ladies who would go to any length to sleep with a famous person or celebrity, she is always comfortable, yet they pursue her anyway.

Intriguingly, the slay queen views making love to these gentlemen as an accomplishment.

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With an ecstatic expression on her face, she stated their names and even went on to instruct other females how to easily snag these celebs.

It’s rather unsettling how these slay queens conduct themselves online, dispensing their impure behavior as if it’s the ideal way of life.

Check the video below;