Kevin Taylor Is My Side Boy, I Will Never Leave Him – Nana Agradaa Reveals In New Video (Watch)

– Nana Agradaa openly declares admiration for Kevin Taylor despite their fights
– Allegation that one of Taylor’s daughters is not his
– Claims of infidelity by Taylor’s wife and inability to satisfy her in bed

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Evangelist Mama Pat (Nana Agradaa) Admits Admiration for Kevin Taylor Amidst Ongoing Feud

In a surprising turn of events, Evangelist Mama Pat, popularly known as Nana Agradaa, has publicly expressed her admiration for US-based broadcast journalist Kevin Taylor.

Despite their numerous conflicts, Agradaa recently made a confession in self-recorded audio, disclosing her genuine admiration for Taylor.

However, amidst her praises, she also made some controversial allegations, claiming that one of Taylor’s daughters with his American wife is not biologically his. She boldly asserted that Taylor’s wife had been unfaithful, suggesting that the children might not be his if a DNA test were to be conducted.

These sensational claims were revealed in a new video released by Agradaa, fueling the ongoing beef between the two media personalities.

Agradaa did not stop at the allegation of infidelity; she went on to make further bizarre claims about Taylor’s personal life. She audaciously asserted that Kevin Taylor is unable to satisfy his wife in bed, adding a host of other nonsensical accusations.

However, Taylor wasted no time in responding to Agradaa’s video, strongly criticizing her and denying all her allegations. In a scathing response, he lambasted her for her baseless claims and questioned her credibility.

Watch her video below;


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