“Kennedy Agyapong’s illness catches him off guard in court, causing him to collapse during cross-examination.”- Kevin Taylor

During a recent court appearance, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong was reportedly exposed by his ailment.

Since claims surfaced that he had been ill, the MP and his colleagues have disputed it.

They continued to deny it even as he spent months in the US for no apparent reason.

He just returned to Ghana and has been seen a few times in Parliament.

Kevin Taylor, Agyapong’s adversary, maintains that the MP is ill and has traveled to the United States for medical care.

In a recent video from his program, Taylor discloses that the MP’s illness recently exposed him during a court hearing.

According to Taylor, who read from a report, Kennedy Agyapong had a medical crisis in court at a recent hearing in his defamation lawsuit against Anas.

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Taylor reports that Agyapong nearly passed out during the court hearing due to his sickness.

According to the notorious US-based journalist, the MP was in great agony and had to beg the court to defer the case so he could obtain medical care.

According to Kevin, this incident demonstrates that Kennedy is indeed unwell, as he has stated, and that they are attempting to conceal this fact from Ghanaians.

Check out the video below…