Joe Mettle finally respond to claims that his wife already had two kids with another man before they got married

Joe Mettle, a gospel musician who has received numerous awards, believes that many artists are being left behind in the name of showbusiness.

Joe Mettle said in an interview with Andy Dosty that the media sometimes spreads negative rumors around before conducting further investigations into them, according to.

According to him, the practice does a great deal to damage the reputation of the artists who become entangled in such webs of deception.

He explained.

In the unfortunate practice of some media institutions, Joe Mettle has been a victim, and he appears to be advocating for its abolition.

He was referring to the reports that flooded social media following his marriage on August 15, 2020, which will take place on that date.

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Mrs. Mettle was rumored to be pregnant before the couple tied the knot, which drew a lot of attention from fans and followers alike.

He went on to say that

Despite the fact that the real truth has been revealed in the full view of the public, Joe Mettle finds it extremely concerning that these media outlets have not come forward to retract their publications.

Joe Mettle has released his new album, titled, which is a collection of songs that are both inspiring and motivational.

The 13-track collection of songs includes compositions in the English, Twi, and Ga dialects, as well as melodic contributions from great artists from around the world and his Love Gift Band, among others.

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The release of ‘The Experience’ coincides with the ten-year anniversary of the release of Mettle’s debut album, and it does a good job of showcasing the distinctive and skillful abilities of his dedicated backing vocalists, The Love Gift, as well as well-known Gospel artists from around the world, among others.

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