JM Said Do or Die And Still Walking Out Free, Yet The Same Police Are Warning Prophets – Kumchacha

In a statement issued last week, the police stated that they had received a number of recordings relating to prophecies made by several ministers of God on the nite of December 31st.

The police have said that all criminals would be brought to justice as quickly as possible.

Captain Smart confronted Prophet Kumchacha about the Police’s fresh caution on Onua Maakye today, Monday, January 10, 2022.

According to Prophet Kumchacha, he will not be scared by any police caution.

He added that as long as God has commanded him to talk about something, no amount of intimidation will prevent him from doing so.

He urged the police to deal with lawmakers who fight or use harsh language in Parliament and to cease disturbing men of God who declare God’s message.

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“How can someone take anything costing 100 cedis and be imprisoned for ten years while a politician steals massively and no one cares?” Isn’t that a bad case of panic and fear? Isn’t dread and panic caused by hunger, unemployment, and a lack of water? When Mahama stated “do or die,” who arrested him? According to Osofo Kumchacha.

On the 31st of December last year, when asked how he perceived himself as a prophet, he stated that God did not reveal anything to him.

He stated that he has no fear of the police and will fearlessly say whatever God instructs him, whether good or terrible. Captain Smart pushed further, asking him what he saw in 2020 on December 31st.

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Kumchacha stated once more that he had not heard from God. Kumchacha had claimed previously that he was untouchable, which made Captain and his fellow panelists laugh.