JHS 3 boy gets broken heart as his girlfriend denies him in a loyalty test – Watch video

– TikTok video showcasing Gideon’s emotional ordeal
– Description of Gideon’s loyalty test with his girlfriend before the BECE
– Gideon’s shock and heartbreak when his girlfriend mentions someone else’s name
– Tracy’s admission of dating another boy named Ivan
– Gideon’s struggle to comprehend why Tracy accepted his proposal
– Mixed reactions from viewers on social media

Heartbroken Student Discovers Girlfriend’s Infidelity in Emotional TikTok Video

A TikTok video shared by @streetzafrica reveals the painful experience of Gideon, a student at TWMA in Klagon, Greater Accra region, who decided to test his girlfriend’s loyalty before the upcoming BECE.

With the BECE approaching, Gideon and another student embarked on a daring plan to call their girlfriends, hoping they would remain faithful. Little did Gideon know that this test would shatter his expectations.

In the video, Gideon’s girlfriend, Tracy, mentions someone else’s name as her boyfriend, leaving him utterly stunned. Tracy confesses to currently dating a boy named Ivan, admitting her fondness for him.

Gideon struggles to understand why Tracy accepted his proposal if she was already involved with someone else. The video captures his emotional turmoil as he grapples with betrayal and heartbreak.

The TikTok video quickly gains attention on social media, stirring up a variety of reactions among viewers. Some express sympathy for Gideon, while others debate the ethics of loyalty tests in relationships.

Watch the video below;

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