Jealous girlfriend destroys her boyfriend's room after she suspected him of cheating (watch video)

Jealous girlfriend destroys her boyfriend’s room after she suspected him of cheating (watch video)

A young man has uploaded a video to social media showing the moment his irate girlfriend damaged his home because she suspected he was cheating on her with another person.

It would appear that the woman whose face was obscured on the video had received word that her boyfriend was having an affair with another woman while they were together.

She didn’t waste any time and went straight to the man’s residence to see if the rumor was true. Surprisingly, her sweetheart did not allow her to enter, for reasons that are best left known to him.

According to a post on his page, the girlfriend lost control of her emotions and started throwing things through the window into his living room, breaking his TV and other things.

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Watch the video below.