Jackie Appiah’s TV alone cost 3 billion old cedis (watch video)

Jackie Appiah, the celebrated actress, has acquired a luxurious property in Trasacco estate to her many properties.

Videos of the actress’ new home reveal a two-story white-painted structure with a beautifully tiled patio and a swimming pool.

The television set in Jackie’s living room is one of the most noticeable aspects of her home. The black television set with gold speakers opens and closes like a bird’s wings.

our online checks revealed that The TV is a Beovision Harmony from the Danish brand Bang & Olufsen.

This type is available in three sizes: 65, 77, and 88 inches. The 65″ costs 18,825 dollars (about GHC115,000), the 77″ costs 21,925 dollars (approximately GHC135,000), and the 88″ costs 48, 675 dollars (almost GHC300,000).

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According to the source, Jackie’s TV is a 77-inch model. As a result, it must have cost her close to GHC135,000 to buy.

Check out the footage of Jackie’s TV below, as seen on her Instagram page @sweet maame adwoa: