Jackie Appiah gets her Diamond necklace tested to show that she does not wear fake (watch video)

Jackie Appiah gets her Diamond necklace tested to show that she does not wear fake (watch video)

Without a doubt, Jackie Appiah leads a more extravagant life than any other Ghanaian celebrity we’ve ever heard of.

The Ghanaian actress has posted a synopsis of her recent opulent journey to the Arab state on her official Instagram page. Dubai happens to be the city that the Ghanaian actress enjoys visiting the most of all the cities in the world.

Jackie Appiah was seen doing some shopping at some of the world’s most luxury clothes and fashion labels in a recent Instagram loop that was spotted online. She went to the Fendi store, where she purchased a few handbags along with a few other goods.

A one-of-a-kind bracelet made of gold and studded with diamonds was one of the things that she ended up purchasing. Jackie, who is well familiar with the way trolls operate in Ghana, requested that the dealer do a test to determine whether or not the item was genuine.

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She gave the sales associate instructions to examine the bracelet with a diamond tester to determine the quality of the diamonds that were used to make it. The diamonds on her wrists caused the LED lights on the tester to light up all the way to the red zone, proving that the stones were authentic diamonds.

Jackie Appiah, the Ghanaian actress, published the video on purpose to her Instagram account in order to demonstrate that, contrary to the practices of other celebrities, she does not trade in replica goods and instead buys only authentic items.

Watch the video that we have provided below.

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