“I’ve only got my eyes on only one person, and one day he’ll see understand.” – Efia Odo

Andrea Owusu, also known as Efia Odo, the Ghanaian actress, and social media sensation, has said that she has her sights set on only one man in the entire world, who may or may not be aware of her intentions.

Efia Odo, who is now looking for love, may have finally discovered the one person to whom she wishes to commit her life and heart, but he appears to be clueless of her intentions and hence may not even notice her.

Efia Odo

In a tweet, Efia Odo stated that she has taken a mental note of the one person she wants to spend the rest of her life with and that, while he would most likely understand her intentions one day, she is only pursuing her dreams until then.

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She wrote; I got my eye on just one person in this entire universe. One day he’ll understand my intentions. Till then I’m getting to the bag.