“I’ve had enough of fighting for people who are always bringing me down” – Empress Gifty Expresses Disappointment In Her Husband

Empress Gifty Osei, the wife of politician Hopeson Adorye, is devastated! Gifty Osei is dissatisfied with the narrative of her husband sleeping with Serwaa Broni.

Gifty Osei, a gospel musician, has taken to social media with an unusual comment in the midst of the Serwaa Broni saga!

She believes she’s had enough of battling because often the individuals you spend your time and energy fighting for are the ones who bring you down.

‘Sometimes the people we fight for are the same individuals that want our downfall,’ she posted on social media. ‘Noko knowledge, be wise.’

This follows reports that Gifty Osei’s husband, Hopeson Adorye, slept with Serwaa Broni multiple times in both Canada and Ghana.

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According to the allegation, Serwaa Broni’s original’sugar daddy’ was politician Hopeson Adorye before Akufo-Addo entered the picture.

As further details about the story emerge, an audiotape verifying Serwaa Broni and Hopeson Adorye’s relationship has surfaced on social media.

As the story spreads, more images showing Hopeson Adorye in Serwaa Broni’s hotel room have emerged on social media.

All of this seemed to have driven Gifty Osei to her breaking point! She has expressed her dissatisfaction. For some reason, her husband is constantly bringing disgrace to her.

Hopeson Adorye has been accused of cheating for the second time in a short amount of time.

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