Its Their Own Decision To Do ‘rᾶw sẽx’ – Vim Lady takes a bold take on Sarkodie-Yvonne Nelson saga

– Vim Lady’s perspective on the Sarkodie-Yvonne Nelson controversy
– Emphasizing the mutual responsibility of both parties involved
– Calling for understanding and forgiveness
– Highlighting the emotional impact on Sarkodie, Yvonne, and their families
– Considering coercion or influence in the situation
– Appealing to the public for empathy and sensitivity

Prominent Ghanaian broadcaster and media personality, Vim Lady, has recently shared her perspective on the ongoing drama between rapper Sarkodie and actress Yvonne Nelson. In a thought-provoking social media post on Instagram, Vim Lady shed light on the importance of considering both parties involved in the controversy and avoiding hasty judgment.

Vim Lady expressed her belief that when two consenting adults engage in raw sex or sexual activities without using protection, they inherently accept the potential consequences that come with such decisions. She questioned the tendency to solely blame either the rapper or the actress for the situation, emphasizing the mutual responsibility shared by both parties.

Addressing her followers, Vim Lady stated, “If two people of age agree to RAW SEX, it means they’ve agreed to all the things that accompany it, so why do we blame Sarkodie or Yvonne alone?” Her words encouraged a broader perspective that takes into account the choices made by both individuals involved in the scandal.

Recognizing the emotional impact of the controversy on Sarkodie, Yvonne, and their families, Vim Lady called for understanding and forgiveness. She stressed the need for grace in moving past the scandal, stating, “Both Sark and Yvonne need to give themselves GRACE and find forgiveness to move on past this.” The broadcaster highlighted the traumatic effects of public scrutiny and media attention, particularly on Yvonne’s mother, Sarkodie’s mother, and sisters.

Furthermore, Vim Lady emphasized the significance of considering potential coercion or influence in such situations. She urged for a fair and balanced perspective, stating, “Unless one person can prove being influenced to have raw sex or sex without a condom (duress).” By raising this point, she aimed to encourage a deeper understanding of the complexities involved and avoid hasty judgment.

In her message, Vim Lady appealed to the public to approach the controversy with empathy and sensitivity. She reminded her followers that the news trends alone can be distressing for both Sarkodie and Yvonne, as well as their families.

On the back of Yvonne’s claim that Sarkodie impregnated her in 2010 but had to abort the baby because the rapper did not like the idea of keeping the baby, Sarkodie replied with a track titled ‘Try Me.’ In the song, he addressed Yvonne’s accusations of pregnancy and denial, stating that it was her decision to undergo an abortion. Sarkodie alleged that Yvonne was manipulating the situation, taking advantage of the fact that society tends to listen to women more than men. Yvonne, on the other hand, took to Twitter to express her discontent with Sarkodie’s reply, engaging in a series of rants aimed at addressing the lyrics that hurt her the most.

As the controversy continues, the public eagerly awaits further developments in the Sarkodie-Yvonne scandal, hoping for a resolution that promotes understanding and healing for all parties involved.

In conclusion, Vim Lady’s perspective on the ongoing Sarkodie-Yvonne Nelson controversy sheds light on the importance of considering both parties involved and avoiding hasty judgment. Through her thought-provoking social media post, she calls for understanding, forgiveness, and empathy, highlighting the emotional impact on the individuals and their families. By urging for a fair and balanced perspective, Vim Lady encourages a deeper understanding of the complexities involved, promoting healing and resolution in the scandal.

Its Their Own Decision To Do 'rᾶw sẽx' - Vim Lady takes a bold take on Sarkodie-Yvonne Nelson saga


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