"It Wasn't Easy, I Almost Gave Up Pushing" - Yaa Jackson Reveals Her Labour Experience In New Video

“It Wasn’t Easy, I Almost Gave Up Pushing” – Yaa Jackson Reveals Her Labour Experience In New Video

Yaa Jackson, an actress, and singer have spoken out about her pregnancy troubles.

The news of her pregnancy went viral on the internet and among her followers. Many of her supporters, however, were unaware that she was pregnant.

Yaa Jackson also said that she almost gave up when pushing her baby, but a God-fearing midwife prayed for her and assisted her.

Yaa Jackson said to Zionfelix in an interview obtained by Bestshowbiz.com that she found out about her pregnancy five months later. She admits she was ignorant and didn’t know much about pregnancy, but she was supported the whole time.

Yaa’s difficulties throughout her pregnancy serve as a reminder of the necessity of encouraging and supporting women during this time.

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Yaa is noted for her distinct style, in addition to her pregnancy challenges. She admitted to having 12 tattoos and eight piercings, which she often flaunts in her music videos and on social media.

Although some may consider her tattoos and piercings to be unusual, Yaa has said that they are a form of self-expression and creativity for her.

Watch her video below;

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wha.ley6 commented:

So are you telling us make we do tattoos and piercings or what. You have 12 tattoos what make we do?

nhanaamalavish commented:

TG having God fearing nurse to help u.

fbi4gh commented:

Banku question Dane way man da sweat …child birth no easy everybody knows

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Na aye too late s3 anka ohuu no nt3m aa anka )flashee ye I guess

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Wth is going on with the hair and makeup jeeeeezzzzz