"It is not my fault it is the devil"- man who impregnated his 15 years old daughter reveals

“It is not my fault it is the devil”- man who impregnated his 15 years old daughter reveals

In the state of Ekiti, a man was arrested for forcibly sleeping with his stepdaughter who was 15 years old. After his arrest, the guy placed the blame for his conduct on the devil.

On Friday, July 22, the Nigerian man Ojo Babatunde was taken into custody in Omuo-Ekiti by the Juvenile Welfare Centre (JWC) of the State Criminal Investigation Department (State CID).

In a statement issued on Wednesday, July 27, the command’s spokesperson, DSP Abutu Sunday, said, “The victim, who is already four months pregnant, claimed that the suspect, Ojo Babatunde, who is also her stepfather, had unlawful carnal knowledge of her several times before and after she became pregnant.”

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She said that the stepfather began sexually abusing her after the mother had a C-section delivery and was forced to spend approximately three weeks in the hospital after giving birth. During that time, the stepfather and she were alone at home.

She claims that her stepfather used to have unlawful carnal knowledge of her at home while her mother was away, and that he would frequently entice her to the farm and then violate her there, after which he would threaten her and tell her not to tell anyone about it or else she would have to face the consequences.

During the course of the investigation, the suspect admitted to committing the crime in question and stated that it was the result of the devil’s activity.