“It is better for us to go back to our Ananse stories”- Vim lady reacts to superman been gἆy

Afia Pokua, a Ghanaian media practitioner and employee of the Despite Media, better known by her stage name Vim lady, has contributed her voice to the recently released Superman Bisexual Cartoon.

According to Vim lady, if we bring back the Kwaku Ananse folklore that was taught to children in the olden days, we will be able to prevent our children from reading all of those books.

In response to a question about the Superman Bisexual Cartoon, Vim lady stated that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Culture should pay NAFTI students to create cartoons based on the Kwaku Ananse stories so that children do not have to rely on foreign content.

“When you ABANDON your FOLKLORE (Kwaku Ananse stories and the others) this is what happens. OTHERS WILL POLLUTE YOUR CITIZENS😳
Why is CHINA, UAE(Dubai), or Korea not worried about this?
Why is the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Culture not paying NAFTI students to recreate our Kwaku Ananse stories into cartoons and other content to attract the current sophisticated audience?
What happened to ‘By The Fire Side’ and Kyekyekule?
How many churches invest THEIR ‘COLLECTION’ MONEY in creative entertainment content for the children in their church?
Why do companies prefer to advertise in TELENOVELAS instead of advertising in KUMAWOOD or GHALLYWOOD?
Because we watch that more than our local content.
As a people, we have branded our own as “nkurasisem”.
We even brand our LANGUAGE and those who speak it as VILLAGERS.
We will WEEP more than this until we make PRAGMATIC POLICIES FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION instead of seeking populist short-term satisfaction that does not deal with the actual issue🤔
Hon Mark Okraku Mantey, please take this up with the government.”

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