It has ended in tears: Lady cries like a baby after boyfriend dumped her (Video)

A young lady has been served a heartbreak resulting in premium tears for flaunting her boo in secrecy and tactfully defying others on social media.

This lady, identified as Naomi Lourdes, who happens to be a household name on TitTok, is said to take advantage of any opportunity she gets to gush about her man on multiple occasions, according to the rumors swirling around this report.

As far as it has been understood, whenever they go out or spend time together, she always takes pictures and videos to help them achieve their relationship objectives.

In a recent discovery, the guy is said to have shoved her ass into the trash can.

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The young woman could be seen in a video posted online flaunting her man while they were still together.

After being dumped, she is seen crying hot tears in another part of the video.

As part of the video, a screenshot of the breakup message was also shared.

She was spotted driving while bemoaning her breakup and pondering what went wrong.

watch the video below;

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