“Is it by force to always chop the lady when she visits? can’t you just watch a movie”- Lady tells men

Regardless of how amusing this might seem, this lady obviously has a point because she doesn’t understand that a guy saying “come visit me at home” means anything different to a lady.

Lol! Why do you guys not just watch movies and chew popcorns when you invite the lady to your house or your room?

Is it necessary for it to always end in both of you getting intimate? This unfortunate lady can often resist, but the guy’s horniness will overwhelm all of her pleadings before the harm is done.

OMG! Hahahahaha! Why should it be so? Rukky, a concerned lady is asking the guys who do that.

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Why don’t you stop trying to chop or “chopping” her anytime she comes to visit and instead Netflix and relax (in the real sense of the word) instead?

Rukky believes that a guy who has invited a lady over should do a variety of enjoyable activities that would not only provide them with a memorable time but also serve as a permanent memory.

Rukky is on the lookout for answers. She is inquiring as to why men are unable to stay in a room with a lady alone and make advances.

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