"Insulting The President Will Not Change The Economy" – Akrobeto advises Ghanaians

“Insulting The President Will Not Change The Economy” – Akrobeto advises Ghanaians

The current hooting that has been directed towards President Akufo-Addo in a variety of settings has been deemed pointless, as per Akrobeto.

He claims that no matter how often these individuals demonstrate, nothing will change in the country.

According to the UTV host, tough economic circumstances are felt worldwide and  waiting for a government to fix people’s issues is a waste of time because it never happens.

Akrobeto also said that Ghanaians who left the country to find better opportunities abroad sometimes come to him and beg him to help them go back because they are suffering there.

He also indicated that he is not affiliated with any political party and that individuals should work on improving their life without expecting assistance from any government.

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watch the video below: